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erotica best gay erotica 2004

Review: The 2004 edition of these best selling erotica books is guaranteed to be as steamy, elegant, literate, flithy, rude and downright intelligent as the past editions!
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Buttmen 3 Buttmen 3

Review: Butt lovers worldwide have eaten up the original Buttmen and Buttmen 2. Butt ... true fans of gluteus maximus can never have too much bootylicious fun. Whether you love big round mounds, tight lean bubble butts, smoothies, hairy hunks, muscle butts, bear butts, jock butts, blue collar butts or just plain butt, the butt lover series made just for you is back.
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daytime darma daytime drama

Synopsis: Set in the outrageous world of daytime soaps, Dave Benbow's raucously sexy, wickedly funny debut novel lays bare the lust, greed, and ambition of Hollywood, through the eyes of an innocent newcomer who wants it all...
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Hard as They Come hard as they come: fantasy men in action

Synopsis: Fantasy men spring to vivid life in these gay stories by one of America's best writers. Whether your fantasy involves hitchhikers, swimmers, frat boys, coaches, bikers, whatever, chances are you'll find something very hot in these sizzling pages.
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damron travel guide
damron men's travel guide 2003

Review: Now the most comprehensive gay travel guide in the world, the Damron Men's Travel Guide is is the only guide to offer complete, easy-to-use listings for bars, restaurants, hotels, shopping, and much more in thousands of cities in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and Central America. Enhanced coverage also includes a complete guide to circuit parties, pride events, cruises, tours and adventures, special events, tours and adventures, special events, conferences, and film festivals... plus those little secrets only the locals know!
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m2m m2m: mew literary fiction

Review: Some of the finest male writers of our age are gathered here, capturing in their literary craft what it means to be experiencing the 21st Century with a gay sensibility. This anthology presents the most recent work both of writers starting to make a name for themselves in the American literary world and writers who have already established their reputation in American letters.
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a view to a thrill

Review: With the release of A View to a Thrill, edited by Paul Willis, STAR Press continues an established tradition of producing the finest “literotica.” This collection of erotic short stories, including fictional as well as first hand experiences, stimulates both mind and body, culminating in a rich erotic experience the reader will not soon forget.
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2blue 2blue

Review: A new collection of photography from the Australian people of Blue Magazine - who also produce Dreamboys. While we only took a peek at this latest volume at the last book fair, we know that it's going to be a magnificent group of images of pairs of lovers by 58 of the world's greatest male photographers. Included this time are: Tom Bianchi, Andreas Bitesnich, Richard de Chazal, Edward Lucie-Smith and Jeff Palmer.
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